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Lock and Key Collective


by Worlds Scariest Police Chases

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Drug Dog 01:27
the streets are rough and it makes me sick / i got my badge and my fucking night stick / handcuffs and a bottle of mace / but there is something i can never replace / I GOT MY DRUG DOG AND HE IS GOING TO TEAR YOU APART, TEAR YOU APART! / I GOT MY DRUG DOG AND HE IS THE FUCKING SHIT! / see this dude looking like Jimmy Page / smell some weed so we have to engage / ears perked can’t wait to attack / he’s going to rip the fucking skin off your back / let me tell you a little story about my dog. he’s big, he’s brown, and he don’t fuck around / fucking mescaline, ya he did that shit / children’s tylenol, ya he did that shit / god damned no-dozee, ya he did that shit / flinstone’s vitamins, ya he did that shit
parking in a crosswalk, CITIZENS ARREST / home made crystal meth lab, CITIZENS ARREST / i thought i saw those kids, smoking weed behind the tool shed / i think we’ll have to confiscate that / we’ll pull you over with no right / just because we can / put you in a choke hold cause we’re good samaritans / you’re a fucking scum bag show us your fucking hands X2 / satan taking bong rips CITIZENS ARREST / jesus doing jenkem CITIZENS ARREST / i know i saw those dudes, touching tips behind the tool shed / i think we’ll have to book ‘em danno
you care about the bottom line / we’ve got no money its fine / jesus turned water in to wine / what a dick / all i need is a basement to sleep / a pillow, a blanket, and my dads jeep / i got a dozen hot pockets and a bag of weed / huffing gasoline / paying bills is fucking lame, wont be a slave to the USA / killed all the indians, enslaved all the blacks / thats why i refuse to pay INCOME TAX / i got my values, im sensitive too / when life hands you horses, make fucking glue / i wont get a job / my girlfriends got a job / i play gears of war and smoke pot / mom youre a bitch make me food
Candy 00:49
My teeth are rotting out / corrosive neon spit / filling up my mouth / and I don't give a shit / i'm on a sugar high / i'm going fucking nuts / i got a bag of candy / my heart is gonna stop / and I dint give a fuck / i got a bag of candy / i can't stop myself / i need help
Rolemodels 02:09
aww, you having a bad time / who cares get in line / change your diaper and dont whine / sympathy, you wont get mine / we dont do jenkem, we'll do anything else / autoerotic aspyphixation, huffin gas at the service station / drinking tussin getting drunk / doing poppers in a trunk / weed, blow, pills / i like partys and i like fun / live my life like a loaded gun / we like parties / we like fun
BFD 01:26
five shots of whiskey straight to the dome / i'll house these beers like they are my home / my heads really fuzzy i know what i need / a gravity bong packed full of weed / i'm going to pass out soon / with the feelings that i have i my limbs / i wake up black and blue / with no memories left in my mind / survey says i haven't had enough / i party hard and i party fucking tough / why? cause im blackout fucking drunk
Cannabusted 01:41
im looking at you / dont fucking move / shut the fuck up dude / you got something to prove? / youre just shit on my shoe / lets see what you got / you dont know what to do / im taking your pot / im looking at you / you look like your broke / shut the fuck up dude / im taking your smoke / hand over the weed kid / and i will let you go / hand over the weed kid / we're getting high after the show / hand over the weed / youre going to jail
Go back to church x4 / you say you want community but all i hear is / ME ME ME / you say you want company but all i hear is / ME ME ME / how you get to be so no good / YOURE NO GOOD
put your hands up / put your fucking hands up
who says god is so awesome / who says i have to be saved / i'll take your god and your flag / and make them my fucking cum rag / shove your god up your ass / get out of my fucking way / god is fake / so is death / have a drink / bump some meth / god is fake / prove hes not / have a drink / smoke some pot
have you ever heard of nirvana / have you ever heard of manny / he fucking booked em / your favorite band / he probably booked em / mel torme / he fucking booked em / when you talk shit / you just look dumb / when other bands, cant keep the pace / manny calls, us, the police chase / so before you go, on the attack / you should know, that manny / got our back / book them all x4 / let manny sort them out / hes got our backs


released April 20, 2012


all rights reserved



Worlds Scariest Police Chases Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


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